Square Cat: super easy kitty hat knitting pattern

Another FREE pattern you can use to join our knitting forces for KATTENMUTSEN VOOR JAPAN (Kitty Hats For Japan)

This one is very easy, you just have to know how to knit and purl. And you don't need circular needles. The added colour design is optional. If you want to add colour, but not do fair isle, go for stripes =^x^=

SQUARE CAT HAT (pattern)

Knitting needles:  metric (European) size 3 ½ en 4 ½ /  US size 4 and 7
Tapestry needle

Main yarn colour: 1 skein 100 gr
Additional colour for ears : leftover yarn
Gauge: 10x10 cm = 17 stitches to  25 rows

Sizes:  (child: 46cm=18”) - teen: 52/54cm=21” – (adult: 60 cm=23”)
Please take into account that the hat will stretch less if you apply a fair isle pattern (like the windmills)

The knitting pattern:
The front and back of the hat are knitted separately.

Rim: cast on ( 34) - 42 – (50) stitches on needle 3 ½ (US 4).
Knit 10 rows 2  knit 2 purl.
Switch to needles 4 ½ (US 7)
(You can knit a coloured border in fair isle stitch here. See for ideas this earlier blog post)
Knit (22) - 32 – (42) rows in stockinette stitch (on front knit all, on return purl all)
The last (9) – 10 – (11) rows knit the ear pattern. (see image A)

Same as front, but  after  (22) - 32 – (42) rows, continue ( 9) - 10 – (11)  rows stockinette in the main colour in stead of the ear pattern.

Put the both parts with the GOOD sides on each other and sow together.

And, hey presto: you've made a kitty hat!

image A:



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