Dawanda Design Market / Amsterdam

Sunday 12 augustus was the Design Market by DaWanda in the Meininger hotel in Amsterdam.

Four floors were filled with Dawanda designers from across Europe. Each could decorate their own room as boutique.
I came as a visitor in order to meet other Dawanda sellers. Because of the nice weather it was pretty quiet, allthough this made it possible for me to visit all the shops and exchange ideas. This went on in either German, English or Dutch, as the market was very international.

Some were unfortunate to get a pretty small room

But Tizzalicious managed to turn her boxroom into a tiny pink paradise and Funnyture had even managed to drag 2 cabinets into the room. :)

Here's a photo collage for an impression.

I saw so many gorgeous designs: I will refer to them in my blog in the coming weeks.

(*By the way: I also have a Miss Minoes shop at DaWanda.)

  Colourful handmade textile & vintage: Studio Soil
Super neon knitter: Die Elster
Cabinets & lights from: Funnyture
Work goes on for Tigapigs

 Cat postcard and other paper goods by Little Print Store
Oilcloth bags tiny & big: FREAKZBerlin
Het Ministerie van Unieke Zaken reuses with amazing results

Seeds beads by  Favela foundation
Shawls & smurfs at Ein Löffel voll Zucker
 Retro lights from Diversitijd
Detail of handmade felt masterpiece from Mijnes

Lunch & messenger bags : Semper
Cloud pillows by MadeByMo
Tiny pink paradise from Tizzalicious
Glenn&Glaesener only used the bathroom!
Butterfly stamps Stadtwald
Nice big bags by Casa-Varia
& the DaWanda -bag.


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