6 days to Christmas - Allons-y : Make it yourself!

6 Days to Chrismas. it's going to be more uncertain if you want to order anything on the internet.
So: do it yourself. You can get many nice online patterns as a PDF.

Here are some ideas for a Doctor Who / SF fan:

Knitted Dalek-inspired wristwarmers by LauraIsaac on Etsy.
David Tennant (10th Doctor) Illusion knitting pattern by Woollythoughts on Etsy.
Pattern for a toy rocket by DIY Fluffies on DaWanda.
Crossstitch pattern for a bookmark, Doctor Who "The library" quote: CharmingCraftsRu on Etsy.

For the illusion knit you probably shouldn't waste any time, if you want it ready before Christmas. It looks awesome though (maybe for a vest or sweater?).

I once knitted a "Madness" illusion scarf for my BF and did the whole project right in front of him. He never noticed. ;) You'll have to keep focused though, a few times I noticed my mistakes many rows further and had to unravel part of the scarf! 

The other patterns can make a fun last minute weekend project.


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