7 Days to Christmas : oh deer!

Just 7 days to Christmas. Still have some gifts to get? Today the theme of the Gift Guide is: deer.

I found these lovely items on Gabberdashery, Etsy en DaWanda. But do keep in mind that shipping from abroad might not be delivered before Christmas.

That's why, from tomorrow, I will put patterns and PDFs for handmade gifts in the spotlight.

Wooden laser-cut necklace by LV Designs on DaWanda.
Deer lady: A4 print by Sandra Dieckmann on Gabberdashery.
DIY kit to make a animal friendly mounted deer: Planet Fur on Etsy.
Cute necklace (and on sale!) by KittyDarknessDesigns on Etsy.
A mini stamp with a deer by MissHoneyBird on Etsy.


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