Christmas Eve, and..Oh no! I forgot to buy a gift for....

Last post of the Christmas gift guide. Forgot someone on your christmas shopping list?

Don't panic!

You'll have to work with what you have in the house.

Tip 1: For the cooking cousin:
Almost everyone has the ingredients for pancakes in their kitchen.
Print out a visually nice recipe of the internet.
Take a pretty bowl or plate from your own kitchen (* Not the one you got from this same cousin last year! *).
Arrange ingredients on bowl/plate with recipe. Wrap nicely.

Tip 2: For your crafty sister or your aunt who's fond of handmade or vintage items:
Gift card from Etsy or DaWanda . Wrap nicely!

Tip 3: For your little nephew that loves dinosaurs:
Dive into your pile of magazines and cut out some colourful pages. Fold these into a origami Jurassic park. Wrap nicely!

Tip 4:
Does the person have a favourite quote? Discover your inner graphic designing talent. Using multiple colours and different fonts try to create an appealing artwork. Print out on sturdy or photo paper and put it in a frame. Wrap nicely!

Whatever you decide to make: Wrap nicely!!


Annette F Tait said…
great gifts guides and ideas Ama!! (you should let etsy know about this :)
have a great xmas!
warm wishes
Annette xx

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