I've been so busy last week, I didn't have time to blog yet about #creasint .

What is #creasint?
Creasint is a initiative by Imke of the Lovejohnny blog.
She invited creative people via twitter who wanted to participate in sending each other a Sinterklaas gift. The gift could be something handmade, or a cool thrift store find...

Why was it so much fun?
For me it must have been over 20 years since I celebrated the Dutch Sinterklaas tradition. Most friends don't celebrate it any more. And families with younger children have the festivities in the afternoon (while I'm still at work).

What did I give?
Imke send us each a lovely note with the information for whom we should make the present: it was illustrator Kim Welling.
From the note I read that Kim does a lot of activities: gardening, baking, knitting, crocheting.
I figured someone with so many hobbies would need a crafting apron for all her tools.

Now there was a bit of a challenge there. Because my fabric stock contains a lot of pinks and purples: colours that were not favourite with Kim.
But I managed to find a colour palette, that I thought suited her.

The apron is basically made of rectangular pieces of fabric.

Here is a picture from the apron on Kim's blog.

What did I get?
Funnily Kim turned out to be MY mysterious Creasint as well.
She gave me a cute crochet Christmas tree, that's already on display in my window.
and a cute little cup from her Etsy shop Kim's Little Monsters.

Let's do this again next year!


Annette F Tait said…
so adorable! totally love the apron you made Ama - so thoughtful!!
and I like your gifts, such a cute cup :)

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