The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier

A museum visit I was really looking froward to:

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier
From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk
Still to visit at museum De Kunsthal (Rotterdam) until 12 May 2013.

What an impressive collection.
There were more as 130 designs, representing Gaultiers fashion of over 35 years.
It was truly inspiring to see all the beautiful details from up close. The accompanying leaflet had for some dresses the information of how many hours it had taken to make them. Considering the amount of embroidered sequins and beads, I'd have expected some would have taken even longer.

The layout of the exhibition was marvellous. The different collections were in rooms with a specific atmosphere (boudoir, catwalk etc), which presented them very well. Some of the mannequins had filmed faces projected on them which was both fascinating and a little estranging.

The only minus for me is the use of fur (but I knew before that he uses that). As far as I am concerned: rather not.
And that it can be different was illustrated by the beautiful "panther dress" where, on closer inspection, the panther fur turned out to be made of tiny glass beads.

I've made a zillion more photos than these, but here is a small impression.
But above all: go and see the real thing in Rotterdam!

(Or if you live in LONDON: you'll have to wait to April 2014 see it at the Barbican.)


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