Chevron Phone Cosy Knitting Pattern Tutorial

As promissed:
On reaching 100 followers at my Miss Minoes Facebook page, I will share with all the lovely  100+ of you this knitting pattern I made for a chevron knitted phone cover.
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Chevron Zig Zag cover for mobile phone.

Used materials:

- 4 Sock needles metric 3.5 / US 4 / UK 9
- 20 gr colour A, 20 gr colour B (Double Knitting DK yarn)
- Big embroider needle.
- Button with 4 holes.
- Optional: crochet needle (metric 3.5)

Gauche for pattern 10 cm (4”) = 22 stitches and 22 rows. (Fair isle knitting can be quite stiff. If you are a tight knitter, you might want to go for a bigger size needles.) You’ll keep the thread of the other colour yarn at the back of your knitting, try not to pull this to tight.

Pattern in 2 sizes:
Small phone (11.5 cm x 6 cm)
Medium phone (13 - 13.5 cm x 6.5 - 7 cm)
There is a little stretch in the cosy, so you can pull a little in either length or width to get a snug fit. If your phone is a different size, go with the correct width and at times, halfway the 2nd sock needle try it on your mobile to check for length..

(At the cast on leave a long thread, +/- 25 cm (10”), which you can later use to close the bottom of the cosy.)
Cast on with colour A  36 (42) stitches, divided over 3 sock needles.
First row: Knit all stitches in colour A
*Row 2 – Row 19 (21).: follow chart pattern*
Row 20 (22) – Row 38 (42): Repeat * - *
Row 39 (43): (only colour A) *K2, K2tog, K3*. repeat * - * 5x (6x) till end of row.
Row 40 (44) : Bind off.

Loop: Crochet 16 chain stitches with crochet needle. (If you don’t know crochet, you can also make a 8 cm (3”) braid form 3 strings of yarn). 

Take a string of 2 colours to attach the button in a little cross.

 Chart small phone (36 stitches).

 Chart medium phone (42 stitches).

edit 31-5-2017: For the Dutch pattern:

More patterns available at


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