Creasint 2013: Dutch creatives swap handmade gifts!

After last years success Imke from LoveJohnny organised another #creasint . This is a social media celebration of Sinterklaas. About 50 creative Dutch people exchanged handmade gifts.

In the weeks before nervous tweets and updates started to appear on twitter and facebook: What to make? Do I have enough time? Will she or he like what I made?

The Sinterklaas celebration is on December 5th, but lot of people celebrate it with family that evening. So we opened our gifts on Friday December 6th. My "creasint" turned out to be Daan of maandagdaandag!

She gave me a wonderful hand printed teapot with a text from Where The Wild Things Are. She added some delicious herbal teas as well. And on top of that she gave me 2 fabulous handmade stamps. Can't wait to use that strawberry with my fabric paint. I'm surely very spoiled!

The person I made gifts for is Marike. I made her a mobile inspired on the movie UP!
(see the bottom of this page for a basic tutorial)

Since Marike is pregnant she posted a cute baby hat she had spotted on her Instagram. So I couldn't resist the crochet temptation and made her this Minion hat based on the free Ravelry pattern by Crochet by Jennifer .

 * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *  * * *

- circle paper cutter
- firm coloured paper

- sturdy metal wire
and: pattern paper, scissors, sowing machine, wire cutter, 80 cm thin rope.

1: Cut circles (3 layers per balloon). Design a cloud (1 layer) and house (2 layers) and cut them out. Each balloon has a small triangle under the circles (1 layer).
Make for the 4 outer strings each 2 balloons and 1 cloud, for the string in the middle 3 balloons and 1 house.
2. Move the balloons around until you are happy with the colour scheme. On the pattern paper you mark the distance you want to have in between the balloons. Cut the paper in length to have 5 basic measures to sow the balloons and clouds on. Sow each string with the sowing machine. Then carefully remove the pattern paper.
3. Cut and bend 2 pieces of metal wire in the length you require for your mobile. Attach the 5 strings. Attach the thin rope in the middle to hang the mobile from.


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