Sew Along - Worlds End Drape Shirt - part 2

Continuing from part 1.
While I am making the Drape Shirt from the World's End Blog, some friends started to join in. :-) So this is officially a sew-a-long.

This second post continues with the sleeves. As I have not sewn that many garments before (I am more of a small accessories sewer) this was the first time I'd have to gather a sleeve!
Luckily I had just read about this in my Tilly & the Buttons book. And actually: it is pretty easy. You stitch from 12 to 13 in the pattern in a very long stitch (4 instead of 2-2 1/2). Using a contrasting colour makes it easier. Make 2 rows. Then softly pull the thread from either side until gathered as required.

Then came another first. The pattern called for a French seam along the long edge of the sleeves.
This had been a Great British Sewing Bee learning moment for me last season. For a French seam you first sew the fabric wrong side to wrong side with a small seam. Then turn the fabric around to sew it right side to right side to get the seam on the inside of the sleeve.
By some this is considered a lazy solution, but with a purposely chosen easily threading fabric and no lockmachine it worked perfectly for me.

Inserting the sleeves and making a neat finishing of the insertion is pretty straight forward.

The last steps were: attaching the pocket, making button holes and adding buttons.

In the meantime one of my friends already finished her Drape Shirt! Well done, Siem!

Next: the third  (& last) post: the finished Drape Shirt. And maybe more creative DIY Drape Shirts by my friends.


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