How To: Make Your Own Beard Oil Mixture. 9 Recipes.

Beard Oil is an important part of beard maintenance. And it is easy to make your own mixture at home. One advantage is that you can create a blend which you like the best in terms of smell and that suits your skin (beard) hair.

The beard oil consists of 2 parts:

The carrier oil:
The carrier oil is the basis for the additional essential oils, but also has a nurturing function itself. You can choose 1 carrier oil, or blend 2 or 3.
The most commonly used carrier oil is jojoba oil. This is a light and dry oil.
Almond oil is slightly fatter. It might help to prevent ingrown hairs. In case of a nut allergy you can replace almond oil with grapeseed oil!
Sometimes castor oil is added to the mixture used for a thicker fuller beard.
Argan oil is rich in vitamin E. It is recommended for a very dry beard.

The essential oils:

Commonly used oils

Cedar and tea tree: Cedar has a woody scent. It can also be used well with your acne prone skin.

Eucalyptus and peppermint: refreshing fresh oils that do it well with an itchy beard.
Lemongrass and bergamot: fresh citrus scents. Note: lemongrass is a strong scent, so be economical in its use.

Fragrance Families:
Spices: cinnamon, cloves
Wood Scents: cedar, pine, cypress, sandalwood, rosewood
Herbal: eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, sage, thyme, tea tree
Citrus: lemongrass, bergamot, orange
Floral: lavender, patchouli
When you start experimenting, keep in mind that some scents match better than 
others. Fragrance Families that are adjacent do in general combine well with 
each other (eg. Wood & Spices). But even outside this rule of thumb you can 
make delicious combinations.
When mixing it’s best to add the essential oils drop by drop and then just 
smell how you like it. So don’t add 10 drops in one go, because then it is 
very difficult to adapt the scent.

Use an empty glass 30 ml bottle for your mixture. Do not use a plastic 
bottle as this will affect the quality of your oils.


25 ml jojoba oil
5 ml castor oil

5 drops cedar
5 drops sage
15 ml jojoba oil
15 ml almond oil

10 drops cedar
5 drops bergamot

30 ml jojoba oil

5 drops cedar
5 drops sandalwood
1 drop patchouli
1 drop lavender
20 ml jojoba oil
10 ml almond oil

3 drops patchouli
3 drops bergamot
1 drop cedar
1 drop juniper
15 ml jojoba oil
15 ml almond oil

5 drops rosemary
3 drops thyme

30 ml jojoba oil

6 drops cedar
2 drops lavender
2 drops tea tree
1 drop rosemary
1 drop bergamot
30 ml jojoba oil

5 drops peppermint
2 drops tea tree
2 drops orange
30 ml almond oil

4 drops tea tree
4 drops eucalyptus
30 ml grapeseed oil

10 drops orange
6 drops cinnamon
4 drops clove


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