DIY December - Day 3 - Save the socks. Make armwarmers.

A couple of years ago I made a pair of armwarmers out of socks with holes.
This project will be today's DIY idea.
It was a busy day at work, so it's a bit of a filler tutorial. ;-)

When socks start to get holes you might try out to mend them at first. But sometimes the quality of the material is just not really up to being used that intensely. As a shop assistant I am on my feet all day and the soles of my socks sometimes wear very thin. And there's simply nothing left to mend.

When this happened to a few pair of knee length socks (poor quality, but I fell for the stripes) I decided to make them into armwarmers.

First you cut the sock, just above the ankle. If you have an overlock machine you can sew the edge with that.
I don't have an overlocker, so I decided to use a zigzag on the cutted edge.

On the yellow/black pair I sew a stretchy lace ribbon along with the zigzag. On this pair the cut edge was the hand side.
On the black/white pair the top of the sock was the hand side. To compare the 2 variations I did find the black/white most comfortable in wearing though.

The cherry and bee appliqu├ęs had been in my stash for some time already. They were the perfect finishing touch.
When you have socks in a solid colour you can also consider buttons to add more detail.

Tomorrow another DIY!



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