DIY December - Day 8 - Club Geluk - Everything is knittable

Last winter the Dutch shopping chain HEMA used a lot of knitted items in their holiday season promotions. There were knitted champagne bottles, a cat, food, yes, even a ham.

All this was knitted by Club Geluk (= Club Happiness). On their website the actual items are for sale, but also Christmas NYE cards and a spicy calender.
But most of all, a big hooray for the Dutch knitters, the knitting patterns are now available in a book:
Club Geluk Boek
I didn't get the book yet, but a friend of me bought it and confirmed it was full of patterns that were unlike anything she had seen before.

On the Club Geluk website you can also find free crochet patterns (in Dutch). Among those a crochet log. The pattern suggests using a cardboard roll as filling. But I made a pillow filling for it. Which will be DIY December Day 9, otherwise I'll never catch up ;-)


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