DIY December - Day 1 - Sharing fun tips for a handmade jolly season.

I'm ba-a-ack! Back on the blogtrain, that is.

Last months I have been busy, and so often thought: oh, this is something I'd like to blog about. But somehow just the thought of sitting at the PC made me tired.

So, maybe one day I will tell you about the trip to Terschelling, the sewing lessons, the Westknits KAL (knit-along). But not today.

This month I will share on a daily base lovely DIY ideas, kits, patterns, recipes and inspirations that will make you want to jump out of your chair and get creative.

Last weekend I started to hang up some Christmas decorations. Since we are a cat household already for many years I have mainly unbreakable ornaments.
But I realized that our 2 new enthousiastic furry felines, Dita and Moogie, would most likely even tear those down.

So,here is a video I found on making a Christmas tree that is not only cat safe, but actual cat fun!

How To Make a Cat Proof Christmas Tree!
How do you make a cat proof Christmas tree? … Here's one way :)#cats #christmas #catproof #tree
Posted by Cole & Marmalade on Monday, 30 November 2015


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